Mental State

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Mental State defines what emotion a Character is feeling while in battle. A Character's Mental State changes depending on several factors, such as their current state of Health. Some Enemy attacks can directly affect a Character's Mental State as well.



Icon Name Description
Calm Character is focused on battle and performs well. The default Mental State.
Wakeful Character is very alert and careful around the enemy. This results in a greatly increased chance to receive no chip damage when they perform a Normal Guard.
Nervous Character loses focus and is overcome with anxiety. Physical attacks are 30% weaker and character cannot perform a Perfect Guard. This status may occur when health is at 50% or less.
Angry Character is overcome with anger and will attack with reckless abandon. Attacks deal 40% more damage, but the character will take more damage when hit.
Plucky A feeling of courage invigorates the character, giving a 20% attack bonus. Onward to victory!!


Icon Name Description
Terror The Character’s mind is flooded with intense fear, causing the character to uncontrollably run from the Celestian.
Zen An intense level of focus is achieved. This state prevents any other mental state from occurring during battle.
Dread A feeling of anxiety is felt, causing defensive behaviors. Character has an increased guard break resistance, but Health recovers slower.