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Attack icons and Style meter

Style is a basic stat of all Characters and is measured by the S-Meter at the bottom ride side of the game screen. Style determines when a Character can use their special and affects damage output. High Style is high success!


The S-Meter shows how much Style a Character has accumulated during the course of battle. When the meter is full, the Character will be able use their Special attack. Losing Style will prevent the user from using their Special until the meter is full again. Every time a Character uses their Special attack, their Style will "Rank Up!" and gives the Character a small attack modifier. Each time a Character's Style ranks up, their S-Meter will change color and reset. Style can rank up 6x.

Gaining/Losing Style

Style is gained by landing various attacks on the enemy and lost when a character is struck by an attack. Each attack has it's own amount of Style gain, so not all attacks will gain a Character the same amount of Style per hit.