Victory Café

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Sigurd awaits your order

The Victory Café is a café and bake shop located in Aeon. The barista, “Sigurd”, offers various tasty goods with a short description of their battle effects. The effects of the goods are temporary and wear off after about 6 minutes. Each product costs 1 Token.


Name Description Availability
CafeCoffee.pngSigurd's Blend Character receives +5% Attack and the ability to guard while aerial
All year
CafeMocha.pngKona Mocha Always perform a Perfect Guard when shielding attacks
All year
CafeMilk.pngCoffee Milk Character receives +10 Defense
All year
CafeMatcha.pngUji Matcha Character will enter the Zen Mental State for an entire battle
All year
CafeBTea.pngBubble Tea (Honeydew) Character receives +30 Health when Character absorbs Element Extract
All year
CafeLemonade.pngDeluxe Lemonade When hit by an attack, invincibility frames last 50% longer than normal
June - August
CafeSoda.pngVictory Soda Character receives +15% Attack
All year
CafeColdbrew.png Pumpkin Cold Brew Cancels all knockback when hit
September - November
IceboxCookie.png Icebox Cookie Added 50% damage to Beasts
All year
CafeJuiceAC.png Sparkling Juice (Apple-Cranberry) Lose slightly less Style when when attacked
CafeChocoHeart.png Chocolate Heart 20% chance to fully heal all Health when hit
CloverCake.png Clover Cake High chance to receive two Battle Rewards (per battle)
CafeDonut.png Perfect Donut Boosts Element Extract drop rate by +20% and forces Extract to bounce toward initial Character position
All Year
CafeAztec.png Aztec Hot Chocolate Creates an offensive guard that deals 50 fixed damage to enemies that come in contact.
December - February
CafeSBDrink.png Strawberry Blossom Drink Acolytes that attack are refreshed and energized, reducing their overall appetite.
April - May