Acolyte Beast

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An Acolyte Beast is a helper pet that assists in battle against Celestians. Acolyte Beasts offer a range of special abilities, varying from physical attacks to special effects, and sometimes both.

Acolyte Eggs

Acolyte Beasts are hatched from special eggs which can be obtained as random battle rewards, for completing X-Bulletin tasks or even as special event rewards.


Acolyte beasts can become hungry during battle, so they require sustenance to keep fighting. If an Acolyte Beast becomes famished, it will become a bit sluggish and may fail to perform it's duties. Hunger can be replenished by the use of Acolyte Food or a special item called a Power Pellet. Acolytes Beasts vary in Appetite levels, some requiring more (or less) frequent feeding.

List of Acolyte Beasts