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A Character is any one of the inhabitants of Earth2 that has pledged their will to fight. Each Character has their own strengths, weaknesses and play-style, so be sure to try them all!

Basic Attributes

Attack icons and S-Meter


All Characters have Health, shown by a red heart container at the top left of the screen. Once a characters Health is depleted, they'll use an Energy Reserve. Use all three and it's game over!


Style is a very powerful aspect of all Characters, denoted by the S-Meter at the bottom right. It not only determines when a Character can use their special, but also acts as an attack damage modifier.


A Character is defined by their techniques, which vary greatly in attack and utility. Each attack is represented by a technique icon in the HUD which are used to display the attack's cooldown time. The attack icon turns partially gray while the cooldown is active.

Staying Power

The Staying Power stat is a classification of a Character's defense, guard and Style retention properties.

  • Type-A: Character has normal defense and a normal guard. Character loses a small amount of Style when hit.
  • Type-B: Character has normal defense, but guard takes more chip damage. Character loses a medium amount of Style when hit.
  • Type-C: Character takes more damage when hit, but has a normal guard. Character loses a large amount of Style when hit.


After using one of four Prime Catalyst, a Character's technique can be permanently upgraded to its Prime version, denoted by the "∩" symbol. This upgrade may change a technique's damage, effect, or attributes and varies between Characters. A Character can unlock Prime versions of their first, second, third and Special techniques.


Ability icons as seen in quick menu

Each Character has unique abilities that allow them to deal damage and perform special techniques. The icon on the far left indicates the 1st attack. The middle icon indicates the 2nd attack, which is activated with Up Arrow + Attack. The final icon on the 3rd attack, activated with Down Arrow + Attack. When a Special attack is ready to use, the 2nd attack icon will change to the Special attack option.

Playable Characters