Dream Forge

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Dream Forge

The Dream Forge is a device capable of fusing two items together to create a new item. The resulting item is dependant on the first two items, but the order is not important. Not all items are compatible with one another.

Recipe List

Name Recipe Description
ItemSDragonfruit.pngSparkling Dragonfruit ItemDragonfruit.pngDragonfruit + ItemArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic
ItemDragonfruit.pngDragonfruit + ItemEArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic A1
+100 Health during battle
ItemSWyvernfruit.pngSparkling Wyvernfruit ItemWyvernfruit.pngWyvernfruit + ItemArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic
ItemWyvernfruit.pngWyvernfruit + ItemEArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic A1
+50 Health for everyone in battle
ItemZatoCandy.pngZato Candy ItemZatoBerry.pngZato Berry + ItemLuxeCandy.pngLuxe Candy Recovers party members from Terror and Panic Mental States
ItemAstroliteM.pngAstrolite M ItemAstroliteD.pngAstrolite D + ItemMonsterBlood.pngMonster Blood An easily activated form of Astrolite
ItemMudBomb.pngMud Bomb ItemDodopRubble.pngDōdop Rubble + ItemAstroliteM.pngAstrolite M An explosive that deals 450 damage
ItemCalcifitePowder.pngCalcifite Powder ItemDodopRubble.pngDōdop Rubble + ItemBoneFragment.pngBone Fragment
ItemDodopRubble.pngDōdop Rubble + ItemBugAntler.pngBug Antler
A fine powder of Calcifite
ItemReactivePowder.pngReactive Powder ItemCalcifitePowder.pngCalcifite Powder + ItemZatoBerry.pngZato Berry A charged Calcifite powder
ItemAccelerator.pngAccelerator ItemAlienCPU.pngAlien CPU + ItemOpticLens.pngOptic Lens The device of transmogrification
ItemCatalystAlpha.pngPrime Catalyst α ItemAccelerator.pngAccelerator + ItemCrystalShard.pngCrystal Shard (Alpha) - Upgrades your 1st attack!
ItemCatalystBeta.pngPrime Catalyst β ItemAccelerator.pngAccelerator + ItemHoneyElixir.pngAncient Honey Elixir (Beta) - Upgrades your 2nd attack!
ItemCatalystGamma.pngPrime Catalyst γ ItemAccelerator.pngAccelerator + ItemReactivePowder.pngReactive Powder (Gamma) - Upgrades your 3rd attack!
ItemCatalystDelta.pngPrime Catalyst δ ItemAccelerator.pngAccelerator + ItemMoonTear.pngMoon Tear (Delta) - Upgrades your Special attack!