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A frame type is a frame classification used to determine what happens to a Character when hit by an enemy or attack.


Normal frame

The standard type of damage frame. During normal frames, Characters are vulnerable to attacks and can be damaged.

Guard frame

During guarding and some attacks, Characters are given guard frames. Guard frames have a chance to block all or most damage. The amount of damage taken is determined by a Character's Staying Power.

Power frame

During these frames, a Character will take normal damage when hit, but will receive no knockback.

Invincibility frame

Characters will "flicker" and are completely invulnerable to all enemy attacks.

Hyper frame

Similar to invincibility frames, Characters are given complete intangibility and will receive no damage when hit, but these frames do not cause the Character to flicker. Many Character attacks give Hyper frames at the start of the move that players can use to their advantage.