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Dark Sea Gateway Portal

Gateway Portals are used to transport users to different Areas. Up to 6 players can enter a Gateway to intercept Celestian attacks across Pocket Dimensions, or Dimensions for short.


The first user to join a Gateway may set the Portal Settings, such as the strength of the support system, which determines battle difficulty. The host has 3 minutes to configure settings and wait for other users to join. Once a battle has started, no other users may join. A player can also select which Dimension to defend, which each portal capable of transporting the user to one of 14 different Dimensions. The first Dimension is the current Dimension, and the others are other defenseless Dimensions which the Aeon Guild has access to travel.

Users can select what both the species and the strength of Celestian to intercept.

Traveler Revival System (TRS)

The gateway base draws power from the gem and utilizes it to help protect users from harm. The portal pipes an "energy cushion" to its travelers, buffering damage and saving them from cessation. This technology can also slowly heal and protect users from lingering effects such as burns, poisoning and other physical ailments. The caveat is that users will still feel the initial damage and pain from attacks, which may induce negative Mental States that are amplified by the TRS.

If a user's Health drops to zero, the Revival System activates and completely restores the user's Health. The Revival System has a reserve of two uses; if both are used while battling, the reserve will be exhausted and all entrants will be forced to return to Aeon. This causes the battle to be forfeited and all battle items are lost in transit.

How It Works

Each portal base is fitted with a Gateway Gem – an exceedingly rare jewel typically found deep beneath a planet's surface. A unique property of Gateway Gems is that they retain a "link" to the area they were extracted. The further the gem is from its extraction area, the weaker the link becomes. Travelers can still make use of weak links if carrying a strong enough Signal Badge.

Some planets have discovered multiple gateway gems, whereas some appear to have none whatsoever. Planets with necessary organization and resources form extraction efforts to search for gems. The teams work around the clock to locate new gems, which are then sent to Earth2's Aeon so that teams such as the Rivals may help fight off Celestian invasions.


Gateway Portals can transport users to the following destinations:

Hold Function

Club Aeon members may "Hold" a Gateway, reserving it for their own use. The timer extends from 3 minutes to 5 minutes, and the Gateway is secured with a password, which is shown to the host in chat. Users who wish to enter a reserved Gateway must enter the password. Users can not reserve the Training Area Gateway portals.

How To

While viewing the Event Portals menu, press the H key. The green Go button will change to a purple Hold button.

Hold button.png