Lucky 7

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An extra lucky Lucky Gift

Lucky 7 is an occasional event held in March. After battle, a player may receive a Lucky Gift.


Lucky Gifts can be obtained after battle. Each Lucky Gift may contain one or more of:

  • ItemSWyvernfruit.png Sparkling Wyvernfruit
  • ItemPowerPellet.png Power Pellet
  • ItemPrismOre.png Prism Ore
Duration March 1st - March 31st
Repeatable N/A


Start: "[EVENT] March has brought the Lucky 7 Event. Battle Celestians for a chance to get a Lucky Gift.
Each gift has a chance to contain rare Prism Ore, which can septuple some items via fusion!

Extra: "The Lucky 7 Event bestows gifts to those with luck, so… good luck out there!"


2017: ItemLuckyGift.png Lucky Gift (x 1)