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Celestians are aggressive alien lifeforms that attempt to invade and destroy planets, such as Earth2. The primary goal of the Aeon Rivals is to defend Earth2 from Celestian attacks.

Celetians bodies are made almost entirely of Element Extract. Celetian bodies greatly differ from most forms of life and do not appear to be able to be physically pushed or moved. When damaged, they exhibit a form of “data loss” that causes gibs of matter to disperse.


Many once peaceful alien lifeforms began attacks on various neighboring planets without warning or reason, their patterns erratic and unpredictable. Their mannerisms spread like a plague to most survivors of the attacks. All victims of this plague have their physical matter almost entirely replaced with Element Extract.

Celestians attack across several dimensions within a given universe. If enough destruction is caused between various dimensions, the state of all dimensions will sync to the most common state, forcing the destruction to become reality in all dimensions. For this reason, Gateway Portals have been designed to intercept attacks in at least 14 dimensions.

Within a span of 3 years, over 6,000 planets were destroyed, including Earth. Aeon named these creatures Celestians because of their invasion method of dropping from the sky. Earth2 is the longest surviving planet due to efforts of its inhabitants, such as the Aeon Rivals.

List of Celestians