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Aeon Rivals can be played with any basic keyboard. To play with a gamepad, programs such as Xpadder (Windows) or Enjoy2 (OSX) are suggested.

To review the controls in-game, click the "Menu" button at the bottom-right.

Game Controls

Movement: Arrow keys or W,A,S,D

Attack: Z or U

Jump: X or I

Guard: C or O

Talk to NPC/Enter Portal: Up Arrow or left-click with mouse

Item Bag: 1

Badge List: 2

Acolyte Ranch: 3

Item Hotkeys: B, N and M


Attacks can be performed while in battle. To perform a basic attack, simple press the Z or I key. To perform your "Up" attack, hold the Up or W key and then press the attack key. To perform a "Down" attack, hold the Down or S key and then press the attack key.

When a Special attack is ready to be used, you can perform it by inputting the "Up" attack command.