Element Extract

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Occasionally when you attack an Celestian they’ll release something known as Element Extract, the essence of what all Celestians are made of. There are quite a few variations of extract, some forms more rare than others. Element Extract can be used to power up your attacks, but it depends on what type of extract you absorb. Each Character has different extract requirements for their attacks, and when met the attack will receive an Element Bonus.

Up to 3 Element Extract can be held at a time. You can avoid absorbing Extract by raising your Guard. Gathered Extract can be discarded by holding Guard and then pressing Jump.


Form Name Description Drop Rate
Clear Extract in its purest form. 22%
Splash Extract with water essence. 16%
Ember Extract with fire essence. 16%
Lode Extract that contains electrically charged metal. 16%
Soil Extract with mineral essence. 16%
Virus Extract with a parasitic entity. 10%
Ancient Extract with an ancient energy. 3%
Hybrid The combination of all other extract as one 1%