Gachapon Machine

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Gachapon Machine

The Gachapon Machine is an orange mechanical device that dispenses a random item when Tokens are inserted. Some items are more common than others and the Gachapon's item selection periodically changes form time to time.


Name Dispense Chance
ItemDragonfruit.pngDragonfruit 20%
ItemWyvernfruit.pngWyvernfruit 20%
ItemArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic 15%
ItemAcolyteFood.pngAcolyte Food 14%
ItemLuxeCandy.pngLuxe Candy 10%
ItemEArtesianWater.pngEnergy Tonic A1 10%
ItemZatoBerry.pngZato Berry 10%
ItemRubberDuck.pngRubber Duck 1%