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Guarding is a simple and effective way for a Characters to control the ebb and flow of battle. When Guarding an attack, a Character is given guard frames and will block most damage or all damage received, dependent on key press timing. The amount of damage taken while guarding is also affected by a Character's Staying Power. The Guard action can be performed by pressing either the "C" or "O" key in-game. When guarding an attack is guarded, the Character becomes intangible to damage taken by the guarded attack for a while as well

Guard Types

Normal Guard

A green flash means that you’ve performed a Normal Guard, which grants you a 70% chance to block all damage and a 30% chance for reduced damage.

Perfect Guard

If you time your guard just right, you’ll perform a Perfect Guard, which will block all damage. You’ll see a bright pink flash instead! You will also receive 8 additional Hyper Frames.

Guard Break

As a Character blocks attacks, their guard takes damage for every attack they block. If the guard takes enough damage, first a red flash will appear when a Characters Guard is about to break, then if it takes any more damage, the guard will break and the guarding Character will take the full force of the attack that broke their guard. Not to worry, though! A Character's Guard replenishes quickly on its own, but try not to overuse it.
Some attacks do more guard damage than others. For example, Beasts typically deal much less guard damage as opposed to Celestians. Celestians can also do certain attacks that do more guard damage than normal such as Dipsy4000's peck attack, which has a +3 Guard break rating.


  • A Perfect Guard will only activate if the Guard key is quickly tapped and not held down. Holding down the Guard key will always result in a Normal Guard.
  • The direction a Character moves when blocking a hit can be influenced by holding the preferred directional key.