Mental State

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Mental State defines what emotion a Character is feeling while in battle. A Character's Mental State changes depending on several factors, such as their current state of Health. Some Enemy attacks can directly affect a Character's Mental State as well.



Icon Name Description
Calm Character is focused on battle and performs well. The default Mental State.
Focus Character is in-tune with the ebb and flow of battle. This results in a greatly reduced chance to receive chip damage when they perform a Normal Guard.
Nervous Character loses focus and is overcome with anxiety. Physical attacks are 30% weaker and character cannot perform a Perfect Guard. This status may occur when health is at 50% or less.
Angry Character is overcome with anger and will attack with reckless abandon. Attacks deal 40% more damage, but the character will take more damage when hit.
Plucky A feeling of courage invigorates the character, giving a 20% attack bonus. Onward to victory!!


Icon Name Description
Terror The Character’s mind is flooded with intense fear, causing the character to uncontrollably run from the Celestian.
Zen A state of nothingness is achieved. Zen prevents any other mental state from occurring during battle.
Dread A feeling of anxiety is felt, causing defensive behaviors. Character has an increased guard break resistance, but Health recovers slower.