Victory Café

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Sigurd awaits your order

The Victory Café is a café and bake shop located in Aeon. The barista, Sigurd, offers various tasty goods with a short description of their battle effects. The effects of the café items are temporary and wear off after about 6 minutes when in battle. Each product costs 1 Token.


Name Description Availability
CafeCoffee.pngSigurd's Blend Character receives +5% Attack and the ability to guard while aerial
All year
CafeMocha.pngKona Mocha Always perform a Perfect Guard when shielding attacks
All year
CafeMilk.pngCoffee Milk Character receives +10 Defense
All year
CafeMatcha.pngUji Matcha Character will enter the Zen Mental State for an entire battle
All year
CafeBTea.pngBubble Tea (Honeydew) Character receives +30 Health when Character absorbs Element Extract
All year
CafeLemonade.pngDeluxe Lemonade When hit by an attack, invincibility frames last 50% longer than normal
June - August
CafeSoda.pngVictory Soda Character receives +15% Attack
All year
CafeColdbrew.png Pumpkin Cold Brew Cancels all knockback when hit
September - November
IceboxCookie.png Icebox Cookie Added 50% damage to Beasts
All year
CafeJuiceAC.png Sparkling Juice (Apple-Cranberry) Lose slightly less Style when when attacked
CafeChocoHeart.png Chocolate Heart 20% chance to fully heal all Health when hit
CloverCake.png Clover Cake High chance to receive two Battle Rewards (per battle)
CafeDonut.png Perfect Donut Boosts Element Extract drop rate by +20% and forces Extract to bounce toward Character position
All Year
CafeAztec.png Aztec Hot Chocolate Creates an offensive guard that deals 50 fixed damage to enemies that come in contact.
December - March
CafeSBDrink.png Strawberry Blossom Drink Acolytes that attack are refreshed and energized, reducing their overall appetite.
April - May
CafeAnniversaryCake.png Anniversary Cake Character receives +15% Attack and increased Guard Break resistance.